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We will only accept sealed and unopened 

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There is a restocking fee of 20% of your

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Normally stocked foods at Hill’s on Campus-- Ross University School of Veterinary Medicine

***Please note that although we do our best to meet the needs of all pets enrolled in the program, it is NOT guaranteed that we will have all special requested foods at all times. ***

Please contact the Hill’s representative if you have concerns regarding the needs of your pets. =)


  • Puppy Healthy Development
  • Large Breed Puppy
  • Large Breed Adult
  • Adult Advanced Fitness
  • Adult Small Bites
  • Adult Lamb and Rice Small Bites
  • Science Diet Lamb and Rice
  • Active Longevity
  • Light
  • Sensitive Skin
  • Sensitive Stomach
  • Nature’s Best Chicken and Rice
  • Nature’s Best Lamb and Rice


  • z/D low (dry only) 
  • z/D Ultra (dry and cans) 
  • w/D (dry and cans)
  • r/D (dry and cans) *does not require prescription
  • j/D (dry and cans)
  • s/D (cans only)
  • n/D (cans only)
  • a/D (cans only)
  • d/D (dry and cans)—Duck, Venison, & Salmon
  • t/D (dry only) *does not require prescription
  • i/D (dry and cans)


Limited Supply Canine prescriptions:

  • k/D
  • g/D
  • u/D
  • l/D
  • c/D
  • h/D


  • Adult Beef and Chicken
  • Adult Chicken
  • Adult Turkey
  • Puppy Chicken
  • Mature Adult Chicken
  • Mature Adult Turkey


  • Kitten 
    • Kitten Healthy Development Chicken 
    • Kitten Healthy Development Ocean Fish 
    • Kitten Nature’s Best Ocean Fish and Rice 
    • Kitten Nature’s Best Chicken and Rice 
  • Adult 
    • Optimal Care Original 
    • Optimal Care Ocean Fish 
    • Hairball Control 
    • Hairball Control Light 
    • Light 
    • Indoor 
    • Nature’s Best Chicken and Rice (6lb & 12 lb bags available) 
    • Nature’s Best Ocean Fish and Rice (6lb & 12lb bags available) 
    • Oral Care 
    • Active Longevity 
    • Sensitive Skin 
    • Sensitive Stomach 



  • c/D (dry and cans—cans in chicken and seafood flavors) 
  • d/D (dry—Duck, Venison, & Rabbit, cans—Duck & Venison) *Limited supply of Rabbit 
  • g/D (dry and cans) 
  • i/D (dry and cans) 
  • j/D (dry and cans) 
  • k/D (dry and cans) 
  • l/D (dry and cans) 
  • r/D (dry and cans) 
  • s/D (dry and cans) 
  • w/D (dry and cans) 
  • z/D Low (dry and cans) 


  • Adult Chicken 
  • Adult Seafood 
  • Adult Salmon 
  • Adult Turkey
  • Adult Light Liver and Chicken
  • Kitten Salmon
  • Kitten Turkey
  • Kitten Liver and Chicken

Do we have your food in stock? Contact the Hill's Store!